2010 ISTS Congress

  2010 - International Congress on  Twin Studies - ICOMBO NEWS!

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Delegates Attending ICOMBO Meeting

The following are highlights from the COMBO meeting held during the June 2010 International Congress on Twins Studies held in Seoul, South Korea:

  • COMBO delegates in attendance came from the following countries: Australia, Finland, Japan, United States, Switzerland, Germany and Canada.
  • COMBO will now be identified as the International Council of Multiple Birth Organizations or ICOMBO to allow for immediate recognition as a global association.
  • The ISTS is moving to a two-year cycle for meetings and will announce the 2012 location this fall.
  • Kimberley Weatherall will continue as the Chair of ICOMBO and will continue to represent ICOMBO members on the ISTS Board of Directors.
  • Other members of the ICOMBO Board are Past Chair – Mary Adcock, United States, Editorial Director – Mari Kaihovaara, Finland, Membership Directors – Monica Rankin, Australia and Christine Disselkamp, Germany. Terri Gillis, United States joined the ICOMBO Board at a later date as the Vice-Chair
  • New members of the new ISTS Board (January 2011) include: President – Tim Spector, Vice-President – Nils Lambalk, Past President – Matt McGue, Secretary General – Gonneke Willemsen and Board Members Meike Bartels, Kaare Christensen, Catherine Derom, Nancy L. Segal, Jane Denton, Jon Barrett and Kimberley Weatherall.