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The International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations (ICOMBO) is supported by volunteers from all over the world.  If you wish to contact us please see the list below for ways to reach us through email or mail.

Mailing Address:

c/o Monica Rankin
27 London Cres
Narre Warren, Victoria, 3805


Monica Rankin, Chair
chair @

Terri Gillis, Vice Chair
vicechair @

Monica Rankin, Membership Director
membership @

Terri Gillis, Editorial Director
editor @

Kimberley Weatherall, Past Chair
pastchair @

10 Responses to Contact Us

  1. pavit budiarto says:

    My wife is pregnant triplet baby now, and docter specialist for birth just 3 and all of them has refused my wife because of lack of experience for gave birth for triplet and limitations of equipment. Im living at city of luwuk province sulawesi tengah, indonesia. Small village ….. i realy need help with fund to bring my wife to the qualified hospital….. would you please tell me how i can do that

    Sorry for my english….. i do need help, thankyou

    • admin says:

      Dear Pavit,
      congratulations on expecting triplets – this must be an exciting time for you and your wife. I understand that you are concerned about the medical care for your wife and the babies. Unfortunately we are not in a position where we can do anything to assist you. I hope that all goes well for you and your family,
      ICOMBO Chairperson

  2. Dearest,this Organization is in Calabar,Cross River State, Nigeria.we recognise the selfless sacrifice of Mary Slessor in bringing an end to the barbaric practice of killing of TWINS in the old Calabar in 1882,hence the emergenceof this Organization in 2002. Our VISION is to provide a forum where Twins and other Multiple Births, can express themselves with one mind and with a sense of purpose, through creating opportunities for personal development for the betterment of themselves and the society they find themselves.Our MISSION is to reach to as many Twins as possible(both young and old, identify with their aspirations and render assistance where necessary.we wish to enlist as a member of ICOMBO, Thanks.


  4. Maristella Bayron Colana says:


    I am a senior BS in Statistics student planning to conduct a study entitled “Using Poisson Regression and Zero-inflated Regression Models in Modeling Incidences of Multiple Births in Ormoc Doctors’s Hospital, Ormoc City: 2013″as one of our requirements for graduation. My problem is: I cannot provide the importance of modeling incidences of multiple births. Can you give me some ideas?

  5. Debbie Ciardi says:

    I am a Feature Writer for MOA (formerly NOMOTC). I am currently preparing an informational article for our organizations’ publication NOTEBOOK. My article will highlight the available International Organizations that serve the multiple birth community. I would like to include information on becoming a member of ICOMBO in my article. Additionally I would like to include any statement of invitation to become a member to our readers, that ICOMBO may wish to provide. As well as any additional information you may wish to share with the Twin community about your organization
    which is not available from this web site. Thank you in advance! Debbie Ciardi, Feature Writer 3, MOA

  6. Goodnews Henry says:

    Am an identical female twin and i will love to join the #icombo club# pls I need ur help @ membership director

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