International Awareness Week 2012

This event was celebrated from 4th - 11th November 2012.  The theme was "School Placement of Multiples - to Separate or Not?"

This is a question that has been debated for many years and every year, parents around the world face the question of whether or not their multiples should be kept in the same classroom, or separated into different classes. This year we hope to draw the spotlight on this issue, and provide some guidance for parents and educators.

Here are some documents that may be useful for you to use.  Some documents are available in languages other than English.

Media Release 2012

Background Information

Letter to Parents  -  a letter that could be sent to parents whose multiples are at school, or about to begin their education.  English   Finnish   Czech

Letter to Educators - a letter that could be sent to teachers, school and educational authorities. It explains the importance of the decision-making process when allocating classes for multiples.   English    Finnish    Czech

Letter from Dr Nancy Segal -  a letter of support, encouraging decision-makers to consider the needs of the multiples.

Letter from Professor Pat Preedy - a letter of support, emphasising the needs of multiples.

Twins and School, written by Suzanne Lagerweij, Netherlands.
Dutch -   English -

Multiples at School leaflet, prepared by Jumeaux-et-Plus, France.  English     French

I hope you find these documents useful. Please contact the ICOMBO Chair, Monica Rankin, chair @ for further information.

ICOMBO would like to thank the following organisations for their assistance in the preparation of these documents:

  • Czech and Moravian Association of Twins and Multiplebirth Clubs
  • Federation Jumeaux-et-Plus
  • Finnish Multiple Birth Association
  • Multiple Births Canada
  • Suzanne Lagerweij, Twinspiratie