International Awareness Week 2016

International Multiple Birth Awareness Week

7 - 13 November 2016

Adolescence in multiples: the transition from a child to an adult in a multiple birth relationship.

Exploring the complexities of transitioning to becoming an independent adult while maintaining the unique relationship and bond that multiples have with their co-multiples.





We are excited to announce the launch of a book on adolescent multiples. Purchase your own copy of Multiple Birth Siblings as Adolescents.  A guide for parents of twins and higher order multiples.


Joan Friedman PhD has written on the topic of raising teenage multiples.

Adolescence and Multiples - Steering our Selfish and Sassy teens to Selfhood

For further reading, try Joan's books that cover the teenage years with multiples -

Friedman_Twins_mech.indd   JFriedman book 2

Or visit Joan's website -